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Roots of Hope #3 will be available from the following distros: Black Light Diner, Stranger Danger, Click Clack, False Start, and Twelve OH Two in Canada and hopefully I’ll be sending some to Sticky Institute in Australia. Maybe other distros in the future too. 

The initial print run of 150 is down to about 20 so if yo are interested in purchasing one or trading for something please contact me BEFORE WEDNESDAY FEBRUARY 23rd. 

Otherwise, I will possibly have zines available for distro, trade and sale in the Spring

Original Post:

roots of hope 3.

82 pages quarter sized with color photographs from my trip as back and front covers. it’s about traveling through colombia, ecuador and peru for about five months last year, and then returning to portland. it’s kind of a part 2 to roots of hope 2, which was about traveling through nicaragua, costa rica and panama. 

american white privilege, witch doctors, street art, Colombian boyfriend searches, Peruvian machismo, living on a commune, amazing friendships, being an anarchist feminist and learning compassion within this political framework, being a tom boy & gender roles in latin america, cultural appropriation from backpackers, shamanic experiences, cocaine politics & tourism, depression and anxiety on the road, lazy beach town adventures, personal revelations, love, death and grief, the tarot, learning to understand sadness as a part of life, getting mugged, crushes and flings, learning to speak another language fluently, latin american uprisings and politics, being an American, all night parties, preparing for the end of the world.

$4ppd in United States or $5 international

you can paypal me at, or write to me for any other information. I would be interested in trades of equal value, and I still am making roots of hope #1 and #2 for trade or sale. 

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